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IBTEDA (Appetizers)

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BAHAR E SUBZ (Vegetarian Selection)

ROTI WA CHAWAL (Bread and rice)


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Welcome to Biryani House. Please feel free to look around and explore our website!

Who Else Wants Better Quality Drinks?

If you have ever gone out and had dinner and drinks with your friends and peers and never seem to get on deciding what you will be having, a bottle of beer, a glass of wine or a selection of http://minhasbrewery.com/private-white-label-contract-packaging-for-beers-spirits-liqueurs/ recommended by the waiter, as in certain circumstances it does seem a bit of a challenge to figure out just where to begin. Getting through to your drink selections, whether non alcoholic or those that give you that overall happy buzz after a long day at work or a tour and vacation, can be a lot easier for you when you have some of these simple tips and tricks up your sleeve that can often be a helpful guide to get you to some of the best quality beverages out there.

Go for the Best Sellers

When you happen to go to a restaurant or a bar for the first time, you may want to look into their list of specials to see what the clamor is all about, especially since much of these current spots that you can hang out at will surely have particular beverages that really do give value for your buck. You can check out the menu or directly ask the bartender what is usually served to most customers and you will surely get to a drink that is within your level of enjoyment and that surely is of best quality.

Ask for Some Samples

You may also want to see to it that you get to decide based on your terms, so be sure to get to sample some of the beverages available to you, in fact, a lot of great spots to eat and drink at would be more than willing to give you samples of their best drinks. Utilize this time to get to those drinks that you find well worth your money and be sure that you get to optimize the time to really see the texture, color and even get to smell these drink selections, so that you can really choose which ones you want to order.

See What Others have Chosen

In case you get to a busy place that really serves some of the best drinks in town, you can get a hint as to which ones are really worth value for your money when you check out what the other customers got to order as on basis of this, it means that the demand and liking for those drinks really do make an impact on others. Get the chance to sample some of these drinks too and for sure you will get to those ones that have great taste and offer the best quality in taste and aroma too.

Rely on Commendation

When all else fails, you can always ask your server to get you drinks that have been popularized in these establishments as they can surely reveal to you every drink that a lot of customers are able to purchase and maybe even give you a better hint of those that are not usually served but are still of best quality. Getting to a drink that you will appreciate can be a lot quicker when you directly ask your server what it is you would happen to look for when it comes to your drinks.

If you have any questions at all, contact us.

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Meals Provided:

Lunch Buffet, ($10 Special)
11:30am - 3pm
Monday - Friday

Dinner á la Carte
Monday - Thursday, 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday - Sunday, 5:00pm - 10:30pm
(Traditional Menu & Tasting Menu)

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