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Bahar E Subz (Vegetarian Selection)

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1. Kashmiri Paneer Sultaani
A dish fit for Gods! Diced fresh cottage cheese, spinach, fenugreek leaves cooked with oriental spices and served lightly garnished with sauteed mushrooms. (Chef Recommends with Basanti roti)
2. Cauliflower With Masala Hashbrown
A rich exception of cauliflower cooked with aromatic spices in tomato based gravy. A true delicacy is garnished with masala potato patti’s juliennes of ginger and coriander. (Chef Recommends with Jalebi Paratha)
3. Channa Masala
This is a popular chick peas dish from India. Chick peas slowly simmered to perfection with coconut and oriental spices in a delicately spiced gravy. Garnished with fresh ring onion, ginger and corriendar. (Chef Recommends with Onion Kulcha)
4. Smoky Eggplant – Bhartha
A Charcoal-smoked aubergine delicacy, cooked with onions and tomatoes. Garnished with ginger, coriander and roasted pumpkin sees. (Chef Recommends with Garlic Naan)
5. Raspberry Matter/or Matter Paneer
Vegetarian delight of paneer balls – ‘raspberries’ and peas, cooked in a mild and rich gravy which penetrates the ‘raspberries’ to make them juicy like a fruit. This dish is garnished with raisins and fried onions. (Chef recommends with Jalebi Paratha)
6. Laziz Makki Khumb Masala
A colourful combination of mushroom, peas, corn, paneer and sweet bell peppers, cooked with fresh herbs. Garnished with roasted cashew nuts. (Chef Recommends with Garlic Naan)
7. Chutney Wala Koft
Jackfruit, potato and coconut balls stuffed with the chef’s own created chutney, cooked in tomato and yogurt gravy flavoured with ginger and coriander, also garnished with roasted sunflower seeds. This is a unique vegetarian delight. (Chef Recommends with Saada Naan/Saada Chawal)
8. Punj Rattani Daal/Daal Makhani
A rare slow cooked lentil delicacy, which is made with a combination of five lentils. Garnished with coriander. (Chef Recommends with Tandoori Roti)
9. Paneer Makhani/Paneer Kadai
Fresh homemade cheese cooked in tomato creamy sauce/Tender chunks of homemade cottage cheese cooked with fresh cut tomato. (Chef Recommends with Saada Naan)