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Sea Food Khajana (Fish & Shellfish Curries)

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1. Goan Fish Curry
A fine example of the innovative spirit of the chef. Balchow (a pungent sea food delicacy of pickled shrimps) cooked delicately in a tomato based gravy. The signature dish is then garnished with coconut. (Chef Recommends with Saada Chawal)
2. Shrimp Jalfrazie
Scullant shrimp cooked in a mild sauce with green bell peppers, diced tomato and onions. (Chef Recommends with Pulao Rice)
3. Zhinga Latpati
This is the chef’s signature dish. Five succulent tiger shrimps tossed in the chef’s own specially created masala with a unique flavour, then served on a base of tangy mango chutney. Garnished with cilantro. (Chef Recommends with Saada Chawal)
4. Sea Food Perry Perry
The traditional assorted seafood delicacy of the Konkan. The ‘Perry Perry’, like most Goan cooking, is chilli ‘hot’ but delicious. Garnished with coriander and chilli. (Chef Recommends with Saada Chawal)