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IBTEDA (Appetizers)

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SEA FOOD KHAJANA (Fish & Shellfish Curries)

BAHAR E SUBZ (Vegetarian Selection)

ROTI WA CHAWAL (Bread and rice)


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About Us

Biryani House located at Yonge and Wellesley intersection with a seating capacity of 95 brings you the revival of Dum Pukht Cuisine. The restaurant specializes in traditional Awadhi style food preparation. The distinctive Dum Pukht cuisine has found a niche for itself in the modern world and is finding new converts every day. We at Biryani House cuisine promise the experience that international gourmet seeks.

The recipes for the tandoori items are a fusion of traditional Indian frontier cuisine and modern style cooking. Food is cooked in its own juices, with no foreign addition. The subtle flavours and aromas of spices are delicately blended into the dish before the pot is sealed and cooked on gentle heat with each dish being an individual creation with a personality. The dinning experience is totally relaxed, to be able to enjoy this blissful heritage cuisine, which is the perfect blend of Frontier, East and Dum Pukht cuisine in a delectably blended cooking pot.

We at Biryani House also provide a tasting menu which introduces enticing menu items to our valued customers.

We also specialize in on site and off site catering.

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